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Do you live in or around the Colorado Springs area? Are you tired of spending all your free time cleaning your home? We can help you. We are a professional cleaning service 服务于科罗拉多斯普林斯及周边地区 for over 29 years. Please call us today for a free estimate for all of your housekeeping needs!

Our service area includes the entire Colorado 斯普林斯和周边地区,包括空军学院, 纪念碑,帕尔默湖,法尔肯,佩顿,埃尔伯特,伍德兰 Park and all of the surrounding areas. Click here to see all of our Cleaning Service Areas

Our Rates are Affordable!

Our rates are very affordable. Whether you are looking for a one 定时服务,让你搬出去,搬进来,或者大扫除,或者你 looking for something regular we can help you! Typical rates for an 每隔一周或每周为一个小房子或 apartment in average condition would run between $108 and $148, while an 平均大小的房子通常在148美元到198美元之间 cleaning. Larger homes may run a little 更高,有很多宠物或条件不好的家庭将明显 take more time and run a little more. Also move out or move in cleanings, deep cleaning, springs cleaning etc. will also run more... please call us today for a free over the phone estimate or fill out our online estimate request form here. 请记住,如果你的预算有限,我们也许可以 to tailor mg摆脱游戏android版有一个优先列表,使它负担得起 you and to meet your budget. For example if all you need 浴室和厨房都在吗?我们可以这样做,如果你 want the entire house cleaned then we can do that too. Also some customers 可能想要每周服务,而其他人可能只需要想要每两周或 monthly service or occasional cleaning .. we can do whatever you need to meet your requirements. Please call us to discuss your needs .. we are happy to work with you to make it affordable for you. We 还能帮你推荐一下外窗吗 清洁或地毯清洁,因为我们只专门做家务 related duties.

Why you should choose us?

We are the oldest locally owned cleaning company in the area. We provide excellent service and are a stable, 在这里建立了科罗拉多斯普林斯公司 已经超过29年了,还会在这里待上29年. Over the 多年来我们一直在稳步增长,因为我们公平的价格和质量 house cleaning services. We are a 当地拥有的家族企业,信奉传统 customer service. When 你给我们公司打电话,你会找到一个活生生的人 能够回答你的问题,照顾好你所有的 concerns. 我们和我们的员工都是我们社区的一部分 我们以企业和员工的身份赚钱,就在我们的城市里消费 goes right back into the community . As a company we are big 足以为我们的客户提供优质可靠的服务 仍然小到足以了解我们的每一个客户 name. 不像我们这样的特许清洁公司 have to pay high franchise fees so we  are able to 降低我们的日常开支,把节省下来的钱转嫁给我们的客户. If you 需要负担得起的房子清洁/女佣服务,那么我们是你最好的 option!  Why not join our hundreds of 满意的客户发现,我们可以照顾所有 their cleaning needs.. We provide both regular and occasional cleanings 还有春季大扫除,一次深度清洁和搬家 Move In cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate.

What are our typical services?

A large majority of our 客户是每周或每隔一周的客户,但我们也是 春季大扫除,深度大扫除,一次大扫除,搬家搬家 in cleaning and occasional service. In all cases we offer quality affordable rates to all of our customers! If you need house cleaning in  Colorado Springs then we can help you. We can take care of all of your housekeeping needs. Please call our Colorado Springs office 或我们的丹佛办公室(),看看我们是否提供女佣服务 in your area. It is very likely that we do!  You can also call us locally on  

Why We Are Better!

为什么要用我们来做你所有的房屋清洁或女佣服务需要? What about other services out there? While it is true that there are 有几百家清洁公司,事实是 大多数人撑不过一两年.  多年来,我们看到人们在这个行业来来去去 .. take 看看几年前的电话簿,看看有多少 房屋清洁或家政服务公司至今仍在运营. 大多数刚开始做清洁生意的人都破产了 within  the first 2 years. Even many of the franchise 在最初的5年内,交易转手2到3次 原来的采购商发现他们做不到,于是转向操作 回到特许经营公司,后者立即将其出售给另一家 inexperienced hopeful owner. In the mean time customers and employees are left in limbo. Don't be fooled by the franchise company's claims that they have been in business since 1978. How long has the LOCAL 业主的操作一直在周围,业主真正知道什么 about house cleaning. We have been cleaning Colorado Springs homes locally for over 29 years! We know house cleaning!
We have survived because 我们承诺以实惠的价格提供优质的服务 price. We have encountered 所有与清洁相关的问题都出现了 answers. We are bonded, insured, and do thorough background checks of all of our employees! Can you afford to have just anybody clean your home? We do detailed background checks on 全体员工提供质优价廉的服务 从科罗拉多斯普林斯到 从拉克斯博纪念碑到城堡石一直到丹佛地铁 and surrounding areas.

我们经常被问到,我们是如何在这方面坚持了29年的 business. This is a tough business to be in. The answer is to consistently deliver what you promise! We provide affordable quality 家庭清洁服务,已经做了29年. Our 员工都是经过专业训练的清洁工 care about their work and take pride in the work they do. In 另外,当你打电话到我们办公室时,你会发现我们的办公室 staff provide excellent customer service. We care about our customers. We are a real business, 所以当你在工作时间打电话到我们办公室时,你就会得到一个活口 person, not an answering machine!  Our hand picked office 我们的员工关心我们的客户,并将倾听您和您的需求 and do their best to accommodate you.  Our staff have a great 对家政的热情我们的员工也一样,那就是 the reason we are so successful! We don't believe in cutting corners. 我们29岁时在科罗拉多斯普林斯开始了家政服务 years ago and just keep growing! Life is so busy these days, it's 要跟上你的家真的很难,这就是我们这么做的原因 this. If you are having difficulty 继续做家务,你需要一个负担得起的女佣服务 then you need us.Our rates are affordable and we provide quality service! 我们不是城里最小气的人,因为我们想成为这样的人 明年,下一年,再下一年,但我们 能在价格和质量上都打败特许经营公司吗 because we do not have the large overheads that they do. Each of our housekeepers understands that 这是很重要的,他们做一个好质量的工作在你的家和我们 expect a lot from them. Every one of our employees understands that we 不会让我们的顾客长期依赖客房服务 合同,但相反,我们期待,因为伟大的工作,我们 employees do the customer will want us back.

Why we better than the other services out there?  Click here to see why. 我们已经做了30多年了,我们将在这里继续 next 30 years. We are not a 今天还在,明天就会消失的东西,晚上就会飞走.  We genuinely care about our customers one at at time. ..we are the very best service in town, compare our prices .. we are affordable!~ YES you can afford us! Give us a try, we are sure you will love us!

SERVICE AREAS INCLUDE: Colo Spgs, 纪念碑,帕尔默湖,曼尼托泉,林地公园,猎鹰, Peyton, etc..
Call our office at to find out if we provide service in your area.

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